Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Give away!

Well I'm afraid it's been a while since my last blog. My mind has been else where as I met a wonderful man and got married in February! Married life has been rather busy and although this one will be short and sweet I shall be regular with them from now on!

I was approached by http://contentedcalf.com and asked if I would review and stock their recipe book for breast feeding mothers, one that helps promote milk production. What a great idea I thought and wished I'd had one of these when I was breast feeding! 

I asked my 'likers' on Facebook http://facebook.com/lullabybabygifts what they thought of this recipe book and the response was very positive!  

The book arrived today and it's full of delicious simple to follow recipes with great photo's!

I have decided to give one away on http://facebook.com/lullabybabygifts to someone when we reach 1000 likes...very close! So why not pop over and like and share for your chance to win!

The recipe book would also make a great gift for an expectant mother/new mother and very reasonable at £14.99!

My other news is that I was made Business of the Week this week by +BrightPig on Twitter...how exciting! You'll find me at https://twitter.com/alisonbe4 if you don't already follow me! 

Lastly, looking for a gift for a little one or quite simply want to spoil yours with a gift, then have a look at http://lullabybabygifts.co.uk for some unique ideas.

Have a great week and catch up with you again soon!  

Monday, 20 February 2012

Business is booming since I joined Twitter!

Sorry my 2nd blog has been a long time coming but I've been so busy with work, home schooling my son and helping with my Granddaughter's child care.
Anyway, I'm going to mention my friend Nici from http://woodandwillow.co.uk again! We were at the same school together 30 years ago!, although not in the same circle.We came across each other again on Facebook a couple of years ago when we realized we both had small businesses.
Nici kept encouraging me to join Twitter but after having a look at the 'social network site' several times I decided I couldn't make head nor tail of it!! With a bit more persuading though, in late November 2011, I thought I'd have a go at working this tweeting lark out!!.....and haven't looked back since!!
Within in a week I had my first 100 followers and am now fast approaching 2700!

Twitter is a great social network site for Small Businesses to advertize what they do and to let everyone know what they're about and what they're upto! You get up to date feedback from your followers and small businesses can bounce ideas off each other, as well as being really supporting to one another!

Not long after joining twitter I discovered mums like 'UK Hand Made' (check out Nici's site by the way!!, Awesome UK Hand Made goodies on there)  so I decided to add the Nanny Murray's Hand Knitted Animal Slippers range! They have been selling like hot cakes!
Then Mums and Me @mumsandme approached me on Twitter and said they had a stand at The Baby Show from the 24th-26th of February and were going to be doing hourly giveaways. They said they loved Nanny Murray's Piggy Slippers and would I be interested in taking part! To which I said yes, of course! So if your visiting the Baby Show be sure to visit the Mums and Me's stand on L10 for your chance to win! I'll be there on the 25th

I'm also currently running an offer on @minimunckinsmarket 's brand new daily deals website for mum's http://minimunchkinsmarket.com  where the lovely Nici and a few other Mumpreneurs have offers too. You really must have a look!

On the website front, I've recently added a premature baby wear range too, as mums were telling me how difficult it is to find clothes for prem babes...these teeny tiny sleep suits are my favourite!!

We have also added the Ruby and Ginger range! The Handbag insert has been recommended by Dannii Minogue herself in her new book, My Style!

Last but not least, I have added the 'Yummy Mummy' handbag & matching purses range! Here's the Ava Handbag:

Ava is a medium sized, stylish tote that is perfect for the woman who’s dashing out with the kids, headed to the office or simply a day shopping or with friends. It has a unique interior with all those great pockets and clips and it’s waterproof inside and out.
Included in the Ava Bag:
  • 1 Clear internal bags with hand strap
  • 1 Matching Clutchbag with hand strap
  • 2 Water bottle holder
  • 2 Key clips
  • Phone holder
  • Pen holder
*If using as a baby changing bag we recommend you buy the My Buggy Buddy on our accessories page
Interior colour of the bags are Blue or Pink - the colour maybe a different shade to the colour shown on the website.

Well I think that's enough rambling on for one afternoon! Fancy following me for offers, giveaways, competitions or quite simply a chat then you can find me @lullabybabygift on Twitter!

I'm currently running a giveaway on Facebook! http://facebook.com/bambinodirectgifts & twitter!Sign up the our newsletter for your chance to win this;
Winner will be announced on the 29th!

Website is of course http://lullabybabygifts.co.uk 

Please feel free to leave your comments, they will be greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My friend Nici from www.woodandwillow.co.uk suggested I do a blog. I've never done one before but felt quite excited about the prospect of sharing with others how I started up my business and how successful its become!

I'm a single mum and became a Grand Mother at the grand old age of 39!
When my daughter and her husband told me the news I was so excited!! and decided to move back from Spain.
It was actually 2 weeks before the baby was due to arrive when I moved back to England and set about giving my daughter the best Baby Shower I could possibly give her!!
I looked on line for lots of ideas and decided to try my hand at making her a nappy cake... here's a photo of it.

Everyone at the Shower wanted to know who did it & when I told them I did, my friends and family encouraged me to start a business and that's how Lullaby Baby Gifts began in July of 2009!

I got my very first order within a couple a weeks and I haven't looked back since! 
Next step was to create a website to let more people know that there are affordable  beautiful & unique baby gifts out there  that can't be bought on the high street.  I also wanted to add a little something different for my customers and so decided to offer a free gift wrap service with the option of sending the gift direct to the recipient. This service has gone down a treat and all that's needed from the customer is a personal message for the gift tag!

I like to offer my customers something a little different, as I mentioned I have just added a 'Hand Knitted by Nanny Murray"  range and the animal slippers are selling like hot cakes!!  My Grand Daughter Mylee has just sadly grown out of the biggest size I do, which is such a shame because they kept her feet so cozy warm and because they were so novel she loved wearing them...here's a photo of them!

I sell a lot of gifts for Baby Showers! They started off as an American idea but have become so popular here in the last couple of years! The gift sets/baskets & Nappy Cakes I sell all came beautifully packaged and are my top sellers.
Purchasing a gift from the website also takes all the stress out of hunting for a gift around all the shops  .
So if you have a baby shower coming up to go to or a new arrival to buy for or quite simply want to buy something different for your own baby have a peek on our website;

You can also follow https://twitter.com/#!/lullabybabygift on twitter for offers etc or 'like' us on http://www.facebook.com/bambinodirectgifts